Handle high load with Loadash

Your partner in continuous performance testing

Manage load configurations

Performance test configurations can be managed in Dashboard. No need to upload test scripts all the time.

Analytics and Insights

Get instant response from server while test is running and analyze performance metrics to find root causes.

Schedule test runs

Be the first to know performance degradation. Schedule test to run hourly, daily, weekly (coming soon).

Visitors abandon after 2 seconds!

Akamai revealed 2 seconds as the new threshold of acceptability for web page response times. This is why it's so important to think about performance first and user experience after. Here is how we solve this issue.

  • High load can be generated with one click
  • Detect performance degradation
  • Integrate into CI/CD pipeline (coming soon)

Powerfull reports for you

Reports include different kind of metrics, such as summary, logs, error logs and timeline report. You can also use various charts to analyze response time, network bottlenecks, pitfalls, etc.

Check our pricing!


Max concurrency users: 100
Max test duration: 25min
Test per month: 15
Report retention: 7days
Parallel sessions: 1


Max concurrency users: Unlimited
Max test duration: Unlimited
Test per month: Unlimited
Report retention (days): Unlimited
Parallel sessions: Unlimited

Loadash is free while in alpha. Once the final version is released, different payment plans will be introduced, including a free trial.