Load testing made easy

Intuitive and simplified load testing services powered by open source tools such as Apache JMeter™

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How Does It Work?

Explore how to perform load test in a short 3-minute video.

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    Upload Apache JMeter script

    Create and upload your JMeter script into Loadash.

  2. 2
    Set load configurations

    Set how many virtual users you need and how long load test should be run.

  3. 3
    Run load test

    Run load test and analyze performance metrics in real-time.

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So Intuitive, So Easy

We are so excited and proud of our product. It’s really easy to create a test, run and analyze reports.

Platform independent

Perform load testing on any platform, web, mobile or IoT.


Customize load configurations without leaving the dashboard.

Analyze reports

Analyze performance test results with simplified charts and dashboard.


Use third-party integrations for better understanding root of cause of performance degradation.

Schedule test run

No need to manually run load tests, schedule or integrate into CI/CD pipeline. (coming soon)


Our great customer support is here to assist you with any issues and questions.

Our Technology Partners

Become our technology partner and deliver end-to-end solutions to thousands of satisfied customers globally.

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The Team

Meet our small team that make those great products.

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Bobur Meliev
Co-Founder & CEO

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Baxtiyor Maxsudov
Co-Founder & CTO

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Bakhrom Nazarov
Lead Developer

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